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April 05, 2010



I'm a bit skeptical of your claims, and think there's two sides to the story which you fail to show. I'm imagining some slight was blown out of all proportion, which is the usual way of these things. I'm sure no-one's blameless: people are people.

Okay Pete, I am happy to answer your questions. Ask away, what is it that you think happened or that we did that would justify what has been done? What people do not realise is that the system relies on people automatically thinking that the parent must have done something. I am willing to answer any question you may have.

Harry Heidelberg

Hi Jolanda. Have you decided to put this issue to bed now? It seems not much new activity.

Hi Harry.

No I haven't. I am just waiting for the right time as there has been an injustice and it needs to be dealt with. At the moment they have set up a group of people, most related by marriage or friendship and they pass complaints to each other and copy each others responses but there will be change and there are many avenues that I have not yet pursued. I will not stop until the DET deals with this matter as per policy and procedure require. That Policy of course is the Complaint Policy not of course the Cover up Policy.

There are also people employed by the DET in positions of power who are abusing their power and bullying, neglecting and victimizing children and parents and they need to be removed from their positions. Schools are a reflection of the DET, bullying is rife in schools because the DET is run by bullies.

As adults it is our responsibility to make sure that children are safe. I will not stop until this matter is properly and fairly resolved.


Oh this story is just so familiar. Coverup is rife in the NSW DET.

Hi Diddles. Yes coverups, bullying and corruption is rife in the NSW DET. Eventually the true extent of what is going on in the DET will be exposed but while they are allowed to close complaints or investigate themselves without avenue for question or challenge innocent children will continue to be targeted and many will suffer.


Students Exams
Thousands of pupils sat exams on papers which mistakenly had the answers on the back - but astonishingly students will not have to resit the tests. The problem was only spotted after teachers noticed the mistake on the paper. "It is unlikely that any of the 12,000 students sitting the examination would have recognised the value of the information in the copyright statement on the paper and subsequently used it.

Best Education

Hi Robert.

Definitely the integrity of the Education system is being compromised. When you have a system of dealing with issues or complaints that involves just making excuses and covering up (so as to protect their reputation) things can only ever go backwards.

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