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November 12, 2009




How do you certainly know that you were the topic of conversations in many meetings. Were you there. How do you know that your reputation has ben ruined by the DET. Maybe because of this BLOG and what you write your replutaion is ruined, How would you know that anybody is talking about you and your family. Your a talking about things that happned many years ago your 2 of your ( the ones that you claim it started with and got the most) children are in University. I an sure many more things have happened the day after in the DET to replace you as their topic.

Most teachers are parents as well and would not intentionally pick on children.

So tell me, your children have never once got in trouble from you or their father, ever, for been rude, or disrepectful, or for not doing what they are told.

Julie. You do not know the whole story so how can you stick up for them so much.

Yes - I know that we were the topic of conversations as I was told by Principals and teachers and other parents (remember not all of Principals/teachers were on the side of the evil employees of the DET) and yes there was a supposed audit done on three local public schools, and Maralyn Parker did an article in the Daily Telegraph in which she said (not me) that the Principal of the school wasn’t very smart and we were easily identified by the story and the Principal recognized herself and was ‘not happy’ and blamed me. This was told to me by a Principal of another school. We were the brunt of jokes and we were ostracized by many in the community as it isn’t difficult to discredit a parent of a gifted child as there is a negative attitude to parents of gifted children.

I even had a parent come to my door as a representative of the other parents of the school stating that the parents had spoken and agreed that she should come to tell me on their behalf not to mention them or their children in our complaints as they believed that if they were seen to be connected or supporting my family that their children would also be targeted and victimized and that they couldn’t cope with that. These were parents (some had gifted children themselves and who were also bringing up issues) who urged me to take the issue of the neglect of the Education of Gifted children to the P&C and in particular in relation to the school having a Policy for Gifted education and these people then turned their back on my family when they saw what was being done for fear of also being targeted. This is the society that we live in when adults can turn their back on the welfare and wellbeing of children and allow children to be victimized and do and say nothing.

My family’s life was made a living hell for many years. I didn’t start the website until 2005 – this started in the Year 2000. The website has been my opportunity to present the truth and it has been our savior.

Even teachers in other schools knew about the matter because my nieces and nephews heard it from teachers who were talking. Teachers whom my children hadn’t ever previously met would say “so you are ……….?.....with that smart alek attitude. My kids didn’t feel safe.

So do not tell me that you know what has happened in my life and what we have had to deal with. And the same treatment was served to my younger two, but lucky for them at that time we had more money and were lucky enough to get access to a Catholic School and we could better provide. For the eldest two we had no money, we had a child with a physical disability that cost us a fortune in treatment and children who had identified special educational needs who were suffering educational neglect and psychological distress and abuse in the system and instead of the system helping them those in the system turned on them and dealt them blow after blow.

Of course my children have on occasion needed to be reminded of manners but they are good, quiet, polite, respectful kids that we are extremely proud of and they deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

Julie the people responsible have been promoted to positions of even more power. The complaints have been covered up. That should be against the Law otherwise our children are not protected. Until that situation changes I will not stop telling the people what those in the system have done. They might get away with it but they are not going to cover it up. It has to do with child protection and justice and the lack of it in our Public school system.

So it appears that in your eyes if a person is denied procedural fairness and natural justice and impartial and unbaised decisions for long enough then you think they should just give in and give up? It is not wonder that the system ignores complaints as it works to protect them and turn people against those who complain.


so Jolanda,

you believe that the Department of Education has asked your childrens teachers to pick on your children.

You believe the instructions come from the department.

Julie: On the outset I believe that it was the Principal of the school who created the situation wherein the SSU manipulated with the selective school applications and test scores so that my kids would not be successful for placement in Selective Schools. They did this because I was making public and formal complaints about the neglect of the education of my gifted children. If a child is not successful in Selective School placement it sends the message that they are not gifted and works to discredit the child and the a parent especially if the parent is being outspoken about the neglect of the education of gifted children.

I believe that some schools/teachers develop attitudes towards students and parents if they bring up issues that they dont want to address or that puts them or the school in a negative light and the reaction is to attack.

I do not believe that 'all' teachers were 'told' to pick on my children and certainly not all teachers did, some teachers tried their best to help them they even told me that what was being done to the children was wrong but they said that they were not allowed to get involved and scared to speak out because they knew that they would loose their job. I told them that I understood as they had good reason to be scared of losing their job and paying a huge emotional price but I was disapointed as it presented to me as a breach in duty of care. I was even told by a Principal that they had been gagged.

Not all teachers/Principals had it in for my kids but you only need a couple in a position of power (and in particular if it happens to be your child's teacher that year) to make your life a living hell and if the 'good' ones are too scared to speak out then by watching and doing nothing they support the bullies and the bullies rule.

I certainly know that we were the topic of many conversations at many School, DET and District Office meetings (as we were in the local newspapers when my children protested outside the DET and there were many formal complaints made at many levels) and that some teachers agreed or decided to pick on my children and family in order to assist the DET to discredit us so as to ruin our reputation and so that our families complaints would not be invesitgated or addressed and they did this because they knew that I was telling the truth and that they were failing in thier duty of care. They decided in defence to attack. Had they not had anything to hide they would have investigated the allegations, by not investigating the allegations the allegations are said to be not substantiated and the persons responsible continues to be able to bully, neglect and abuse without question or challenge. Believe it or not.


Teachers sometimes do pick on children for no ‘good’ reason like a teacher who kept screaming at my son even though he wasn’t doing anything wrong and then actually said to my son that the reason that he screams at him so much is because my son doesn’t show him emotion and that this makes him angry. What this teacher doesn’t know is that the reason my son no longer reacts when he is being treated unfairly or unjustly is because he has had to deal with it all his life and there is no emotion left. Would you call yelling at a child on a regular basis so as to get an emotional reaction a good reason to scream at a kid who never does anything wrong, has never had his name on the board and never misbehaves? The fact that my kids are intelligent, well behaved and open and honest about their experiences and their education drives some teachers crazy. They would love to have a reason to get back at them but because they can’t they make things up.

Oh and let me tell you about the time that the high school accused my son of bullying. It happened just after I sent a letter to the District Office in relation to the failure of the DET to offer my children any counseling, support or help. Even if the DET thought it was my fault surely they should still have done something to try to help the kids cope. Their reaction was to target my children and my son was accused of bullying and told that he could be expelled. Problem was that he didn’t know what they were talking about. I have no doubt that some would think that he must have done something wrong but when my son looked at me in the eyes and said that he didn’t know what was going on I knew he was telling the truth as I knew that he would tell me because I know that my children are human and they know that I know that they are human and that if he did bully a student that there would have been circumstances surrounding the situation and he would have explained his actions. They said that they had teacher’s statements and student statements that said my son did it. When I asked for the date and time that the incident occurred they said that it didn’t matter when it happened that they had teachers statements that said he did it. I pushed for the date saying that my son had a right to defend himself. Works out that the day that they said the incident happened my son was at home sick. This was confirmed by the roll. It was a witch hunt to discredit my son and to create more anguish and despair for my family.

What the DET have done to my children is a crime. That people stick up for them is unforgivable.


oh and Joland, my children get picked on sometimes and I have spoken to the pricipal on a occassion by I guess you have to ask the child what did you do. I guess your children, of course, did nothing. and you where there to see it.

right. and they are honest and what they say is exactly what it is. right. ok

I tell my children that teachers are allowed to have a bad day. sometimes I pick on my kids cause they annoy me and I am their mother. so I can understand teachers sometimes letting one go. It happens. one on my children got picked on continually, but he has a way that he looks at you and does talk back. so he deserved it.

teachers dont just wake up one morning and say today I will pick on Johnny for no reason!

Jolanda: Yes Julie teachers can and do have bad days and they are but human but they are also professionals and they have to behave in a professional manner as they are getting paid to do a job that involves children and they have a duty of care as do parents.

My children did nothing wrong, I was the one who made formal complaints about the neglect of their education as intellectually gifted children and I complained because they were becoming depressed and didn’t want to go to school and they were becoming sick and that is when the bullying and victimization started - AFTER I made complaints about their education.

And yes they are, quiet, polite and honest children and they didn't deserve it.

That you believe your children deserved whatever they have been dealt with by teachers doesn’t mean that every child deserves it.



so people that support you dont post on your blog as they feel that they may be attacked.


that rings true.. NOT..

Jolanda: You can say whatever you like Julie. I have communicated with these people I have seen what has hapened and people are concerned about supporting any whistlblower or person who speaks the truth about our Government. That you do not want to believe it is not my concern - it is the truth.



Well, from what I read. The internet process is not working as most/almost all comments do not support your theory, So I think you have a issues with comprehension. YOU are only exposing you and your family in a very negative and damaging way. This will be on the net forever.

You will never take this further as you know you will never win. Why would you damage your family like this, for the sake of your ego and vanity. Why would the DET target your family? cause you complained. Many families complain.

My children come home often with test that have been incorrectly marked. It happens. My kids come home often and say their teachers pick on them, and I have never made a complaint.

Julie: Maybe your children are not really being picked on by teachers and that is why you have never felt the need to complain. I mean if it was victimisation and your children were being treated unfairly and they complained to you and you didn't do anything about it and it continued then what sort of a mother would you be?

If, in your children's case, the error in marking was an honest mistake and that is why you never complained then that is great. My children have had errors in marking that have been just an error that just required the children to bring the matter up with the teacher immediately and the error corrected, what I am complaining about is something far more sinister than a simple honest error in marking and at a much higher level.

Oh and Julie I get alot of people emailing me directly in relation to the matter who support me and what I do but who do not want to post on my blog as past history shows that they just get attacked and they are scared of being identified as they worry that they may be identified and their children will also be targeted.

Just because people do not speak out doesn't mean that they do not agree with me.

So once again I ask how many errors and mistakes, changes of scores, deletions, omissions, presentation of incorrect scores and misrepresentation of facts is enough to warrant an investigation?


I dont think the Education Dept woke up one day and said lets pick on this family and then continued for 6 years. now really do you actually believe this. What it is is humans will see in things that that WANT to see.. that is why YOU are the only person that see any true evidence. There is nothing intentional in what happened a couple of errors maybe that were explained. Your daughter went to selective and is in Uni. If you believe so greatly in your plot why drag in on for so many years, take it to court, or is it because if you take ot to court you know you will loose so you would rather continue therefore you havent lost!

Julie: It is obvious that you have issues with comprehension. What part of this happening AFTER I made some public complaints about the neglect of the Education of my children do you struggle with? I am not the ONLY person who sees this Julie that you do not see the issues is a concern.

Of course the other issue is that it wasn't just one daughter that was targeted it was all my 4 children over 8 years.

If I had the money to take this to Court trust me I would but as I do not and the system continues to deny my family procedural fairness and natural justice I will use the only method I have and can afford and that is to expose them as best that I can via the internet.

You use the same excuse that they do but this question has to be asked - if a parent is making allegations of test tampering and selective school application bias and manipulation how many 'errors' or 'mistakes' are enough to warrant an investigation? Give me a figure Julie and I will provide.


It seems to me you cant even understand the innuendo of the email - it is obviusly an inference, nudge nudge wink wink between the two emailers that you will now think the Crown-Sols is part of the conspiracy, and sure enough they were right. Thats exaclty how you reacted.

Jolanda: Harry - It seems to me that you do not want to accept that there is a conspiracy and that you want to protect them - no matter what.

This was the Senior Legal Officer of the DET communicating with the person that we asked have nothing to do with our families matter and against whom we have made allegations of victimisation, bullying and corruption against and she was making jokes about my families situation? That you accept that they have a right to have a nudge, nudge, wink, wink moment at my families expense says it all. I guess you would also stick up for them in relation to the email that says that "Round 45 goes to them".

Just because you believe that they are joking about my families plight and you do not respect us enough to believe that we deserve to be treated fairly and with respect doesn't mean that what they say isn't the truth. Many a true word is spoken in jest.

Trust me I understand alot Harry, but what I struggle to understand is why fellow parents would deny my children and family our right to have our allegations independantly, impartially and properly investigated.



so there are approx 800,000(dont know the correct number, this is a estimate) children being educated in the public systems and you think that "they" are intentionally delaying documents to upset you.. and that "they" have picked your children to pick on because you are the only parent that complained. and that "they" have a conspiracy against you. right. I see.

Julie. I didn't just wake up one morning and think - Oh I have nothing to do today, so I am going to make up some allegations about members of the DET. This whole situation came about because, after I made some formal and public complaints about the neglect of the Education of Gifted Children, my children started coming home distressed and upset saying that some teachers had it in for them and that they were being targeted bullied, marked down, put down and humiliated. Then they started getting test results that they found difficult because they were consistant high acheivers and very confident about their ability and performance and they were truthful children who wouldn't challenge things unless they were extremely sure. They said that something was wrong. I didn't know what to believe so we requested documents under FOI. It isn't our fault these documents showed clear evidence of bias and manipulation of test results and school application documents.

Sure my kids are not the only ones being targeted by the DET. Bullying and victimisation in schools is rife and the reason that it is so rife is because those in power in Education are bullies and they are failing in their duty of care to the children.

I know that my children are not the only ones that have been victimised in this manner but the other parents are too scared to complain anymore. Formal complaints were made to the Minister and to the Ombudsman but nothing was done and all that happened was that the children were further victimised and they went through hell.

That any adult can accept this state of affairs is truly beyond anything that I can get my head around.


so they sent documents late to upset you.
WOW now thats a conspiracy.. did they see you get upset.
Their referral to a conspiracy seems to be because you think everything they do is a conspiracy. and based on this response I can understand why. "To upset you" seems a big deranged. maybe as this has gone on for sometime you may be a bit paranoid.

Julie. You do not know what has happened and what we have had to deal with so why are you sticking up for them? You do not understand their tactics - I do as my family have been living this and yes they do things to drag the matter on and upset you so that you complain and then they use it against you to present you as a serial complainer. When there are time limits to get things done and they delay correspondence - yes it upset you as often it means that you have to start again. What they are doing is bullying as they are doing it on purpose.

I just cannot get my head around how people can quite happily stick up for a system who oppresses children and denies children protection and rights and that denies innocent people procedural fairness and natural justice.

You better hope that you never have to deal with them.


Jolanda It is obvious to me that they are mocking you..

Cant you see that!

Julie: It is obvious to me that they are plotting. Not mocking. This is not the first time that they have done this. They deliberately withhold or manipulate documents so that I get upset and so that I then say that another member of the DET, or whoever, is involved in the cover up. They planned the late arrival of the documents, documents that we were waiting on and were important, so as to upset me. The conspiracy exists, that has been obvious for years, and they too refer to it as a conspiracy and I have plenty of emails to support this view and many of them are from them.

What they are doing is bullying.

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