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Aletta dubbeld

As a home supervisor for two profoundly gifted children there is actually no school suitable for them.there are no associations for the gifted that can help ,as they shy away from the profoundly gifted. I know from experience that selective classes do not and are not able to provide for them. The children are often more knowledgeable than the teachers.
It causes the children such a lot of frustration that they become totally uninterested in their work and become under achievers. Also from experience.
What is happening to our education system that these briliant children are isolated and become socially deprived....Do not think there is help for you.The system does not like to have to cater for the briliant students needs, as they just dont know how to,and do not understand these children. So the children in main stream schooling most probably will achieve further as so much more is available for them. I have looked over the internet for information regarding gited children.And to me it seems a great mony making business.Or a lot of speaches and education on what gifted children need and are like.But in todays age they are still left behind. And the problems remain unsolved
We need these kids for the future .Shame.

Hi Aletta

Sorry for the delay in reply. I must say that I have to agree with you. The system is not geared to cater for difference and if it is difference at the extreme then you have it so much harder. When I first started on this journey I had no idea - I believed that the schools would do the right thing because they said that they catered for all and I wanted to believe that there was help out there for children who do not fit the system and who suffer as a result but I soon found out that I was very naive and that they really didn't care about the individual.

Your kids are lucky that you can homeschool them. I found it extremely stressful and frustrating because I really had difficulty helping them or even understanding the things that they wanted to discuss with me and I felt inadequate. My children didn't want to be educated in isolation, they wanted to interact and I couldn't provide the environment that they needed and wanted. We also couldn't afford to hire help at the time so in the end my children decided to go to school and to just do their time focusing on their sports as they were very competitive in sports. Such a shame to see the spark and the joy and enthusiasm to learn just die. Two accelerated and that made it a bit better because then they had one less year of school to have to endure.

I feel for you as I know it isn't easy and I hope that your kids stay happy and that in the future the fact that our kids are all different is understood so that all children can be catered for in accordance to their needs.


Cathy Davis

I am astonished to read that with such high IQ's your kids didn't cruise into Selective Schools. Were they tested on the WISC-IV scale or some other similar test?
I think the SSU should take IQ into account as I thought the schools were for gifted children as opposed to coached ones.

Reply: Hi Cathy. Selective schools are not for intellectually gifted students. They are for students who obtain the highest test marks in an academic competition as set up by the Selective Schools Unit. The Selective Schools Unit totally controls the process and even have access to alter or change test marks before they get imported into their computer from ACER the company that runs the test.

My children were tested by the SB4 and the WISC 3, even tested by the DET themselves and they still lost their appeals when their case was put before the Appeals panel for Selective School placement. OF course the appeals panel was presented with misrepresentation and lies by the Leader of the Selective schools unit when she prepared the Appeal analysis to put before the Appeals panel in relation the the validity of the IQ tests that the kids had undergone and in relation to their other school and external achievements.

The whole process is open to bias and corruption, manipulation and tampering.


My son got into a full selective boys schools in 2010. No coaching, no issues. His mark was high enough to get in and therefore he got a place. I haven't experienced any bias. Its as simple as make the cut-off - your in,if not - your not. Isn't that how Uni offers are made???

Jolanda. It is so great that your son got into a full selective high school with no external preparation for the test. I am sure that it still does happen but it is the minority, the majority are externally prepared for the test.

I guess what I would have to ask is what school your child was at and whether you felt you child was having his academic needs met at school and/or at home?

I have concerns about the Selective Schools selection process over and above the manipulation of school applications, results and test marks. I sincerely believe that the process is unfair and corrupted.

Do you honestly believe that if your child was born into a disadvantaged home and family and went to a disadvantaged school that he still would have scored highly enough to be offered a place in a Selective High school?

The Selective school system discriminates against gifted disadvantaged students as it focuses on highest test marks. I have a problem with that given that the gifted disadvantaged is what Selective schools were originally set up for.

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