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July 17, 2010



In 1998 I arrived at my first school posting after slugging it out for years at uni. I lasted only half way through term 1. The principal harassed me and made my life hell, I asked to be relocated and could not cope with the situation. I left the school and have never been employed again by the DET so now I can not even volunteer at my daughters school. My marriage failure came as a result of stress from being unable to work in this state. It has Dominoed into all my life.

Hi Ray

I am sorry to hear that you have been treated this way and that it has had such a significant negative impact on your life.

There certainly are bullies in the DET. The whole system is designed to protect the bullies and the message is loud and clear - if you speak out - you will suffer.

People need to be provided with an avenue to have issues like this addressed. Bullies should never be allowed to continue in an education system.

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