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April 05, 2010



Hi Jolanda,

I'm shocked to learn about the system in NSW DET. I had the impression that this only happens in the 3rd world!Up until I came across your website while trying to lodge an appeal for my son whose application has been rejected with no explanation despite the fact that he sat the WISC IV and WIAT II exams which reflected that he was both intellectually and academically gifted. Unfortunately he was unable to sit the Selective High school test so the outcome was based on the WISC and Wiat tests only!(That's what I was told). I have no idea what to write in the appeal as I feel so demotivated knowing that it'll be a losing battle already.
Very sad.

Hi Ream

I truly feel for your situation. Hope your child is okay.

Contrary to what most people want to believe the DET discriminates against identified intellectually gifted children by not responding appropriately to the intellectual and educational needs of the student/child. Making children win a fierce academic competition to have access to the public school education that they require to better meet their identified needs is wrong.

I truly believe that when there is a child in the Public School system who has been formally identified as intellectually gifted then I believe that regardless of whether the child/student sits the Selective School test or not the student/child should be offered a place in a Government Selective School before Private School or Catholic School students are let in. To do otherwise is wrong.

I hope that you have success in your childs Appeal but my experience is that the SSU has an attitude against identified gifted students; they believe that these are students of wealthy parents who can pay to get the required score on psychological testing and get another bite of the cherry – so to speak. That is what the Selective Schools Leader said at a hearing of a Freedom of Information application tribunal.

I fear Australia is going backwards and the oppression of the intellectually gifted and the dumbing down of Australia is all part of the plan. Best if the people are trained to memorise, remember and repeat what I say......Easier to control that way!

I know I sound like I am down in life but really I am just disappointed that things are allowed to be this way.

Very very sad that nothing has changed.


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