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November 06, 2009


Plagiarism Detect

From what I can gather there seems to be a very litigous or aggressive response by quite a few people to the denial of entry for their child into selective education programs. I understand that parents want to do everything for their child, and get understandably upset when they do not get their child everything they want. Or think they deserve. Sometimes the fact is simply that there are just other children who are better academically. This is not 'the systems', nor any individuals fault. Maybe such parents would be better served focusing on being a good parent to their children and providing what they can, rather than wasting $80K of the household resources as in this case on what they can't - or seeking retribution against individuals for that fact. Sometimes the best thing a parent can do for their children is face facts, and not spend all their time and resources fighting perceived issues - while creating real ones.

Response: That is all well and good Plagarism Detect but did you actually go through the blog to see the evidence that was collected. If you did you would see that we didn't request documents under FOI until after our second child was unsuccessful even on appeal and the reason we requested documents was because the Public system was incapable of catering for our children's identified educational needs and because results letters that we had received had errors and didn't add up, literally. Then the documents produced under FOI showed a changing of scores to lower scores after the selection committee has made their decision for our daughter making her unsuccessful for the school of her choice under the guise of an error in calculation, a removal our son from a place in a selective school, after the selection committee had made the decision to offer him a place, and placed onto the reserve list again under the guise of another error in calculation and included a total misrepresentation of facts and scores to the Appeal panel ensuring they were unsuccessful. The documents also included total misrepresentation of IQ tests. Then a couple of years later again another misrepresentation of an IQ test conducted by the DET and the failure to present our youngest daughters application to the Selection committees despite stating that the Selection Committees had reviewed the matter and deemed her unsuccessful and the farce that happened afterwards on appeal when incorrect IQ results were presented and incorrect information was provided was provided was unbelievable. They rely on it being unbelievable. All that was presented was designed to ensure that my children were unsuccessful. And this is only a tiny bit that happened.

I would have no problem accepting that my children were unsuccessful if the documents showed nothing amiss but what the documents show is changing of scores after the Selection committees made their decisions by the Selective Schools unit. Changing of offer results after the Selection Committees made their decision and a total misrepresentation of facts presented in all instances to the Appeals panels by the Selective Schools Unit. Just to name a few. The same Unit that we allege is victimising our children

I doubt that if any parent came across this information that we were presented with that they would just sit back and say and do nothing. What was done was against Policy and against the DET Code of Conduct and was aimed at inflicting harm on children. If we let them get away with that and say and do nothing then we are no better than them and we ensure that bullying in Education is protected and bullies rule


Actually none of you really know what happened and how crazy and stressful the situation was. many people were accused of things which had no basis in truth. There comes a time when people need to stand up for what is right and this is what happened in this case, I know what I'm talking about..


I guess the thing is that this man didn't just get up one morning and think I am going to send an email about a Principal just for the sake of it. This email came about after having to deal with a system who ignored him and treated him with disdain.

One day if it happens to you then you will understand.


You can't go around sending out emails maliciously defaming another person. Simple as that! This is certainly not an attack on our "freedom of speech", but purely a reminder of common sense.

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