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May 06, 2009


terri dale

I had a lawyer for a breif moment and then the excuses started to drip out the phone, with i have to prove this and that, the lawyer said to me that the boys would have to be tested to see if they were suffering from pts,then told me how much it would cost...2,500... so i found a doctor that is going to do it for free.. next call with lawyer i tell her that i found a doctor and her reply was who said why get them tested for pts...dose anyone work for their jobs these days or what? its been three weeks scince i was supost to recive a list of what i have to have before they will fight for my boys in court..still waiting...

Hi Terri

Your post doesn't surprise me. That has been my experience with Lawyers that i have seen. They either do not return your calls or when you do what they say that needs to be done to progress with the case they then deny what they said or in one case one even started screaming at me. If anybody had of told me about it I wouldn't believe it but it is true. There is something fishy going on when it comes to Solicitors taking on these types of matters. Maybe there is something unfair in the Law and they do not want attention brought to it because at the end of the day that flaw protects them from bullying and misconduct.

I did get told twice, once from a Labor Minister that I should not bother going to a Solicitor as they would just take my money and that he used to be a criminal lawyer and that it didn't matter what evidence that I had - it wouldn't be enough. How is that not a concern?

Interested to see how you go. Just be careful as I did persevere with a Solicitor and they just took my money - lots of it. When I complained to the Legal SErvices commission as my Legal team didn't follow written instructions the Legal Services Commissioner said that they couldn't help because what we were complaining about was mere negligence and they only got involved in serious matters and that the only thing I could do is sue them in a civil matter and that it would cost me so much that I would probably loose my house anyway even if we win anyway. Go figure!

terri dale

I got my boys a Psychologist and they start friday going to have them tested for PTS.
One of the twin boys had to punch a girl in the face and take a week for both of the boys to calm down, but the fear is real for them, more real to them than yr average 16 year old would fear.. if i can prove that the long exposure to the abuse and threats they live with everyday and if i can prove that this is what caused their mental problems,, well, im getting there one piece of evidence at a time and the rest will fall after the first.. Don't ever stop fighting for what you believe to be the right thing even when other's tell you different.. always believe in that inner voice as it has helped me get heard...

terri dale

Jolanda,U should have seen todaytonigh yesterday..Teacher's taking class action against the parents and students for bullying!!! I sent them an email telling them i was horrorfid to see the coverage was deplicted in a way to blame parents and to take the focus off them.. these teacher's were bashed and beaten on camera and even on camera one teacher went and told the princable about the beatings she copt and the responce back was... she said the wrong thing to provoke these children to bash her..fine make those attacker's be held in court and saying that all teacher's have had enough come on!! No mention of the children? what a joke when parents like me and you fight like we live in a 3rd world country is wrong on so many levels..they can through me in jail if they i'm not that hard to

Jolanda. Hi Terri. Yes I saw Today Tonight and I thought exactly what you did. What makes these kids react so violently towards a teacher? Why isn't anybody finding out why? Not too many kids do that for no reason (of course there are always going to be your kids with serious problems who are just angry at the world) but in general usually when a child reacts like that it is because they feel that they are being treated unfairly and/or humiliated.

The whole thing with our Education system is to now try to scare people from saying anything negative about a teacher or a Principal. It seems that they can say what they like about parents and students but we cannot say a negative word about them.

When I get a minute I will post what the DET have said about me and it is all lies and I have documented evidence to show that they have spread lies about me in order to cover up my families complaints but I have no avenue to do anything to clear my name and my families name and get reimbursed for what it has cost our family. Only criminals have protection and rights.

terri dale

Thanks jolanda,I'm doing the paper side first and then i was told to contacted the schools chapplin and get all the police names over the years before going to police to have the two schools charged, then it looks bad for the schools when the police based officer has no reports to conferm the boys were being bullied and yet the school actknolages they had a problem that was not addressed proply, which i can them there..I'm on facebook join me on fighting back group and at least u will have someone to go through yr pain together as friends...we can help each other...

Jolanda: Hi Terri. Who is telling you to do this this way. I don't trust the schools or the Police or the system.

I don't really discuss these issues on facebook as that is a place where I just socialise with friends and I dont' want to mix my socialising with these issues as otherwise it just takes over life. Many of the people I know do not know the extent of what has gone on and is going on and I prefer it that way because history tells me that if they did know they would avoid us. People in todays world steer away from those who are bullied or who have problems. It is why we are in the state we are in today.

terri dale

Thank you thank last what has taking me 15 years to find...Im one of those people you write about and knowing that it is a cover up helps me in my fighting back..contacted me if u know how to exspose all in question as i have writen proof and letters to prove all at fault, all thouse from the pm to the comuinity all knew and did nothing to stop it and all three of my boys and myself were abuse by this so called SYSTEM that don't work.. any help i gan get i would be greatful. thanks terri.

Jolanda: Hi terri. Sorry to hear that you have had to deal with the same 'process' that we have had to deal with. I wish I knew an avenue to have the issues addressed. I am up to 8 years and we have all the letters and documents to prove everything we say too but the system has been designed so that nobody actually looks at our evidence or gives us the time of day. The ordinary law abiding citizen is not valued enough to be afforded rights and protection.

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