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December 19, 2005


Irene Buckler

Hi Jolanda,

I thought this article might interest you


Thanks Irene. It is an interesting article and I do agree with the writer. As a matter of fact I have always felt an obligation in this regard in relation to my children and thier education. I do believe that if you are blessed with high intelligence then you should develop it and use it wisely.

My children are well aware that they are lucky to have been born with such high potential, of course they haven't felt lucky given what has been done to them, but at the end of the day they realise that they are lucky and that they shouldn't take this for granted or abuse what they have been given.

I never pressure them or try to force them but I do encourage them to use their intelligence to help make changes that are for the greater good.

I tell them to go into Politics when they grow up and they laugh?

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