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November 18, 2005


Craig Rowley

PS Jolanda, I think what Harry was kindly trying to show you about HTML didn't show up because the tags he provided were treated by the software as tags.

This URL - - will take you to a website listing all the basic HMTL tags you'll ever need to match it with any Webdiarist, high priest of Harry's Bavarian beer batch brewing bastion, or tag team tool typing tripe in Tim Blair's lair!

Jolanda: Thanks for that Craig.

Craig Rowley

I am most pleased to see you have started a blog Jolanda. It's a good thing to do.

Congratulations on getting it set up and all the best in getting stuck into all the issues with education systems in Australia.

I trust that chronology you put together in August will come in handy when preparing new posts for EDUCATION - KEEPING THEM HONEST.

I hope John is feeling better than he was when we last corresponded and that Danny, Katie, and Amanda are doing well too.

Jolanda: Thanks Craig. Yes the Chronology has helped put the matter into order and make things clearer. So much has happened over so many years to my family that mostly people run away from this issue or go on the attack. Given that the Chronology only included the big things that happened and not all the medium and smaller ones, you can imagine what my poor children and family have had to deal with. What people don’t realise is that if you are targeted they come at you like a tonn of bricks and they don’t stop so that so much happens to you that people either don’t believe you, they blame you or they keep away from you just in case.

Thanks for having a look at it. It helps to have those that are not emotionally involved read the history of the matter so as to let you know where it doesn’t make sense and their view. It’s interesting because anybody that has looked at the Chronology that comes from a teaching background or has family members that are teachers have all reacted the same. They go on the defensive.

Thanks for enquiring about the kids. For sure John is better. He is away from school. It’s amazing how many people have commented in the positive change in his personality. He has even become cheeky and more verbal and more social with those that he doesn't know well. His arthritic type pain and other issues have subsided and he is happy. He does want to return to school in the future but he wants to go somewhere that is clean, where he feels validated, safe and protected and where they teach him things that he doesn't already know. Anybody know of a place that fits that description that isn't expensive?

Amanda well she is sitting at home waiting to be educated as I have pointed out in the Distance Education thread. My eldest is good he is happy and Katie, well lets say I often have to push her to go to school and she cant wait until she finishes serving her time.

Harry Heidelberg

If you want to make something bold you put this tag before the part you want to make bold: ....... then after the part you want to make bold you end it with

You need to make sure though that your settings in Typepad allow HTML in the comments.

The greatest lesson any of us refugees from Webdiary can learn is the importance of bold tags.

Bolding is the gateway to nirvana.

Jolanda: Thanks for that Harry, I will practice until I get it perfect. If Webdiary can do it - then so can I.

Tony Powers

Good onya Jolanda. Looks good, but beige???? ;-)

Jolanda: Hi Tony, Yeah, beige is a bit beige. At the moment I am just learning so once I actually work out how to play around with the site I will spruce it up a bit.

Michael Park

Best of bloody luck Jolanda. The site looks good.
Hope the contributary posts come your way.

Should I find I actually know enough with respect to what you're posting I'll drop in every now again.

Jolanda: Thanks Michael. I will try to keep up with what is happening in the news in Education and give my view - as one with alot of experience.

Jacob A. Stam

Way to go, Jolanda!! This is really neat, and I hope it assists you and others to make things better for those going through the education mill.

Jolanda: Thanks Jacob. I too hope that it will help to bring awareness to those who dont understand the system.

Harry Heidelberg

Hi Jolanda, Congratulations on your new blog!

May it live long and prosper!

All the best,


Jolanda: Thank you so much Harry. Now if I can just work out how to do BOLD life will be good. See how I wasn't suited for Webdiary. I'm not good at bold.....

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